The final push is on to launch the YWAM KOHA, into the Pacific. We are focused on three aspirational goals so this vessel can accomplish what she is designed to do:

  1. Drydock - Inspections are required for every sea-going vessel. The YWAM KOHA is due her 5 year survey, which we have to complete this month. This is a costly exercise, but something that is non-negotiable for a shipping company. 
  2. Connect - We want to connect with people around the nation and share the vision of this ship. We have scheduled a three-port tour that will take us to Nelson, Whanganui and Wellington.
  3. Deploy - The goal of the KOHA is to serve and we believe it is time to do just that. We are preparing the ship to be ready to deploy in the second half of 2021 to provide healthcare, dental care and health education to isolated Pacific communities.


These three aspirations are within reach, and there are a few ways you can help.

  1. Personnel - There are specific positions needing to be filled.These are vital roles necessary to move forward.
    • Master
    • 2nd Mate
    • Chief Engineer
    • Deck Hands
    • Qualified Cook (Lvl 3)
    • Medical Coordinators
    • Dental Professionals
    • Nurses
  2. Finances - It is the financial partnership with many people that make the vision of the KOHA possible. While the staff and crew are all volunteers, this work still requires finances to purchase fuel, pay dock fees and maintain the vessel. 
    • Drydock - $300,000
    • Deployment - $150,000


Partnerships are vital to the success of this work. We are grateful for the generosity of our current supporters. Individualized sponsorships can be personalised for each organisation or individual. Contact us about sponsorship opportunities. 

We are excited for the potential this year holds. Thank you for standing with us, praying with us and supporting this amazing venture as we together empower health in the Pacific.