Four Bold Aspirations for 2022

15 March 2022

We are excited about the year ahead of us. Even with the uncertainties of COVID, there are too many opportunities for service to just wait and see what happens. The YWAM Ships Aotearoa team is determined to keep moving forward in empowering a healthy future for the Pacific.

Here is a quick look at our 2022 winning aspirations. 

  1. Empower health in Aotearoa through the delivery of the Trinity Koha Dental Clinic. When COVID made it impossible to get into the Pacific islands, we took our dental container off the ship and started using it around our local community. The need for urgent dental care in New Zealand is a national crisis. The Trinity Koha Dental Clinic became national news and has started a conversation about how New Zealand can face this crisis. We plan to provide 12 weeks of clinics this year in New Zealand communities. We are also working to expand our ability to provide dental services to more people in more locations.
  2. Partner with Pacific nations to deliver health services using the YWAM KOHA. The Pacific is dotted with thousands of islands with hundreds of isolated communities. Their isolation cuts them off from basic health care. We have been asked by the government of Fiji to bring medical professionals to serve their people. The ship plans to sail there in the second half of the year..
  3. Empower New Zealand Youth by hosting leadership programs on board the YWAM KOHA. There is a growing crisis among the youth of New Zealand. This nation has one of the highest teenage suicide rates in the world. Using the ship, we can take groups of teens on weekend sails incorporating leadership and unique experiences that help them to envisage a new normal for their lives.. Being away from their normal environment helps them realize there are opportunities available to them they never knew existed.
  4. Become a voice and advocate for the voiceless. The isolation of some island communities puts a strain on government health system. Often officials don’t know the health status of islands under their jurisdiction. By working in these communities, the YWAM KOHA can gather stories and healthcare data to share with those who can help meet the needs. In 2022, we are looking to develop a world-class diagnostic laboratory inside a 20-foot container that will serve this aspiration for years to come. 

We are not able to accomplish all this on our own. These aspirations can only be realized through partnering with others. We are looking for all kinds of help with the ship and medical/dental clinics. Don’t underestimate your ability to make a difference. 

For the ship, we are specifically looking for: mariners, carpenters, pipe fitters, engineers, deckhands, painters and general workers.

For medical/dental, we need oral health professionals, nurses, doctors, IT specialists, and general volunteers. 

If you desire to use your skills to make a difference, contact us today at

In this short video, Marty Emmett explains the four aspirations YWAM Ships Aotearoa is reaching for this year.