Charting the Course: Bringing Help and Hope to the Pacific

5 June 2024

Navigating the deployment of a 486-gross-ton ship laden with fuel, supplies, and crew, is no small feat. Layered atop this task is the orchestration of meal planning, bed assignments, and the seamless coordination of international volunteers. It’s a complex operation, to say the least.

Yet, in the middle of this complexity, lies a profound purpose. The opportunity to serve in the remote villages of the Pacific is unparalleled. In isolated communities, the desire for help and hope is palpable.

Outreach Dates:
Outreach #1: July 27th to August 10th
Outreach #2: August 17th to August 31st
Outreach #3: September 7th to September 14th
Outreach #4: September 21st to October 5th

What exactly are we hoping to achieve?
Our mission is twofold: to extend a helping hand to those in need and to leave a lasting impact on the communities we touch. Through medical, dental, and optometry services, we aim to empower individuals and foster a sense of well-being.

Some positions are still needed
We are encouraged that so many have shown an interest in participating in these outreaches. However, juggling the number of beds on board with essential crew requirements takes a lot of planning. Each outreach demands a careful balance of resources, particularly in terms of medical, dental, mariner, and hospitality personnel.

Our remaining personnel needs for this year’s deployment are:
Outreach #1: Marine Engineers, Dental Assistants, Hospitality, and Kitchen Volunteers
Outreach #2: Marine Engineers, Dental Assistants, Optometry, Hospitality, and Kitchen Volunteers
Outreach #3: Marine Engineers, Dental Assistants, and Kitchen Volunteers
Outreach #4: Marine Engineers

Alongside the need for volunteers are the funding requirements to send our medical aid vessel to the point of delivering these services. Driven and sustained by our incredible team of volunteers, we can do this for a fraction of the normal shipping costs. Last year, our per-service cost was $55/service delivered (ie. Operational expense vs health services delivered in the Pacific).

The deployment budget covers:
Fuel (bunkering) for the ship (90,000L)
Food provisions
Medical supplies

We currently project it will require $200,000 to fund the KOHA deployment fully.

As we embark on this journey, we are encouraged by the overwhelming interest of many eager to join the cause of empowering health in the Pacific. Together, we will make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.