Ready to Volunteer on the YWAM KOHA?

13 October 2023

The YWAM KOHA has completed its seventh and final outreach in Fiji for 2023. This is our second year to partner with that beautiful country and the impact we’ve seen in villages is outstanding. The feedback we’re getting from our volunteers is also very inspiring. 

During our six-month deployment in Fiji, we have seen more than 200 volunteers, from many nations, join our ranks. Some have joined us for a week. Others have served over several outreaches. Their skills, coupled with their willing hearts, have helped empower health in the Pacific. Mariners, doctors, dentists, cooks, and general volunteers have formed a dynamic and beautiful tapestry of healing and hope for the isolated peoples of the Pacific.

As we are wrapping up the 2023 outreach, we are preparing for next year and have a proposed schedule for deployment to Fiji in 2024. 

Proposed 2024 Outreaches to Fiji

  • Outreach #1, 1–15 June (2 weeks)
  • Outreach #2, 22-29 June (1 week)
  • Outreach #3, 6-20 July (2 weeks)
  • Outreach #4, 27 July – 10 August (2 weeks)
  • Outreach #5, 17-31 August (2 weeks)
  • Outreach #6, 7-14 September (1 week)
  • Outreach #7, 21 September – 5 October

Many have already indicated they want to join us next year. We are beginning to track interest in those who would like to be part of our 2023 outreaches. Roles that need to be filled include:

  • Oral health professionals (dentist, dental therapist, dental assistant, dental hygienist)
  • Doctors
  • Registered nurses
  • Optometrists
  • Marine professionals
  • Chefs
  • Hospitality
  • General volunteers

If you are interested in serving in 2024, it’s not too soon to let us know. Outreach costs and locations have not been set, but once we know your interest we’ll be able to keep you in the communication loop. 

This form will let us know you’re interested in volunteering,

YWAM Ships Aotearoa exists to empower a healthy future in the Pacific. If you have a willing heart to serve the isolated island villages of Fiji, we would like to hear from you.